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On August 18, 2018
Last modified:June 3, 2014


Great brand, great product, great price, great everything. Give them a shot. You don't want the little green and white garcinia pills from your local pharmacy that have the additives. Get these, they are ten times better.

I cannot give personal use garcinia cambogia reviews. Despite all of the fast fitly food around me, I have somehow always managed to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy figure my whole life. I know this makes me one of the “lucky” ones in todays society but I fully attribute this “luck” to growing up on my Grandparents farm with their home grown mentality embedded in my head. They taught me from a very early age about how to run a farm and how to reap the benefits of farm life and all natural products. My Grandfather passed away in 2005 at the age of 97. My Grandmother was 8 years my Grandfather’s junior and is still alive and well today though unable to keep up the farm, which means that I have been left in charge to carry on their happy, healthy legacy.

So while my story is lean and clean, my friends and other family members were definitely not so blessed. My Mom died when I was really little and that is when my Dad and I moved to the farm so that my Grandparents could help care for me while my Dad went to work in the city. Due to the distance and meetings my Dad got caught eating out and eating fast in the city most days. Over the years this began to show and take a toll on him greatly. He was told by a doctor that he was at great risk for a heart attack at the age of 45. He knew he needed to do something about his growing weight problem but he genuinely felt stuck. He admitted that he ate cheap snacks at his desk all day when he was stressed but he didn’t know how to break the habit.

I researched for quite sometime about different diet plans an supplements my Dad could try and that is when I came across Vita-Web’s shop and their pure Garcinia Cambogia product. I loved their website and how focused they were on truly promoting health. They didn’t make and ridiculous “Lose 50lbs by the end of the month!” or “Take this supplement but don’t diet or workout and you’ll still lose all the weight you want to lose!” promises. They were down to earth and real about how their product could help get someone healthy but that is wasn’t going to magically make you lose weight.

Dad and I

I convinced my Dad to try it since at least if the appetite suppressant part of what Garcinia does might be able to help him break his snacking habit. He agreed to take it and we were both surprised and delighted with the results. With his hunger curbed and his energy boosted it was easier for my Dad to get away from the unhealthy things he had been eating and to get himself on a healthy diet and meal schedule. I really don’t think he could have made these drastic habit changes on his own without the help of this amazing supplement.

After seeing such incredible success with my Dad I bought several bottles of Vita-Web Garcinia Cambogia and began distributing it to my friends who were overweight. So again, while I have not used this product on my own body I have seen it help preform miracles time and time again in the lives of the people around me and that is why I want to share about this product with you!